Lower Primary

At this level the curriculum is organised using a thematic approach. Themes are developed and content to be taught is organised in broad learning standards.

The emphasis at this level (P1 – P4) at KIS is on

Our approach to assessment at this level

Assessment is a continuous process; this allows our teachers to progressively record the achievements of the learners on a daily basis.

We have developed appropriate tracking and monitoring tools that allow us to intervene in a timely manner in order to identify and support children with special needs who may need remedial assistance.

Upper Primary

At this level (P5 – P7) the curriculum is subject based, our teachers will cover the subjects listed below with your child.

Assessment at this level

Assessment at this level (upper primary) is also a continuous affair. In addition our P7 candidates sit a national exam - Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) set by the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB). Your child will be tested on their knowledge /and or understanding of the following five subjects towards the end of the academic year.

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