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Admissions and Administration Office

Our admissions office is happy to make your child’s transition to Karibu International School (KIS) a friendly and supported experience.

Children will be assessed on their merit. While we up hold a 75% pass mark at your child’s interview, the background and age of the child is taken into consideration. Rather than turning you away we will do our best to accommodate each child within reason.

We are here to help your child start/continue on that journey to success. We pride ourselves in giving your child the advice, knowledge and skills they need to achieve their full potential.

Please note that the admission process to our perschool cohort is somewhat different click here for more details.


Our offices are open 7:30am – 5:00pm (weekdays) and 9:00am – 1:00pm (weekends). You can register your child at anytime throughout the year. For specially planned open days click here.



  • Major in-take at the beginning of every year (Beginning of Term One).

  • There can be some admissions before second and third term or even within terms.

  • Interviews are done before a pupil can be admitted into a particular class.

  • Current admission fee is Ug. Shs. 20,000/=.

The admission process is designed to ensure that the best outcome is devised for your child. There will be an oral interview, plus tests in Mathematics and English. The testing is mainly meant to give us an indication of the current working level/s of your child in those two core subjects.

Any students coming from another school will have to bring along to your interview any reports, certificates, commendations or references from your previous school. You will NOT be exempt from our written Mathematics and English tests.

Confirmation of Admission

Your child’s place at the school will be reserved, once they have successfully completed the oral and written interview process. It will be confirmed once all agreed fees have been paid including the non-refundable registration fee set as per the pay structure of each academic year.

The child is a full member of KIS community once all necessary paperwork and agreed fees have been completed and paid. You will be given your confirmation in writing.

We have a first come first service policy as we sometimes get inundated with applications, particularly for our nursery/perschool provision. In order to maintain our high standards of delivery and learner experience we have a cap beyond which no more applications will be accepted each academic year. 

Open Invitation

Parents, prospective students and visitors are welcome to come along and have a look around the school. Make an appointment and we shall be happy to show you around.

We would like to hear from you whatever your circumstances.

Do Not Hesitate to Join Us