P.O. Box 28330, Kampala

Copy of School Opening

Copy of School Opening


Landing Page

  1. Remove House of Serengeti Pop-up page.
  2. Insert Chairman’s Statement Page. An Icon on top for Chairman’s Message so total of Seven (7) Navigational Menus up top.
  3. Show BOLD link to Chairman’s Statement on Landing Page on all screens as they flip from Integrating Trade across Africa to Connecting Buyers and Sellers to Your Logistics Solution Provider.
  4. Insert VIOS, BIMALEO & HBA Logos in section of Logos. Distinguish by PARTNERS (all three above) and BRANDS (the rest). Include Ancestral Logo under brands as well.
  5. In area where we have Are you looking for New Markets, add:
    1. Need help with Exporting?
    2. Want to build a Global Brand?
  6. Remove everything else in this area.
  7. Contact Panel in black at bottom:
    1. Replace Work Enquiries with Join Our Network.
    2. Replace Career and Job Opportunity with Become an Entrepreneur (We want to Connect with Tony Elumelu Foundation through this area)
    3. Replace Sign Up for the Newsletter with Talk to Us about Sustainable Products.
    4. Change All Right Reserved to ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Chairman’s Message


May 09 2022


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


City Hall
Karibu School

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