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International Links

Brief Background about KIS

Karibu International School (KIS) is a semi-rural school found in Iganga, a district in eastern Uganda. The school itself is near a small trading centre called Nakalema. We are a young and upcoming school that opened its doors to the very first group of students in 2013.

Karibu International School is a private mixed day and boarding nursery and primary school. Our nursery cohort aged 3- 6 years follows the Montessori model, while the primary section of the school at the moment follows the Uganda national curriculum. The main language used to communicate and teach our students in English. The children are also taught other foreign and local languages.

The children in primary one to four (approximately 6 – 8 years old) make up the lower primary classes while the children from primary five to primary seven (approximately 8 – 12 years old) are categorized as upper primary classes.

The difference between the two primary groups is really down to the structure, emphasis and content of what they a taught. In lower primary classes the emphasis is on literacy, numeracy and life skills. 

For the upper primary group, the curriculum is based on five subjects. These five core subjects are English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Religious studies. 

As a school, we are proud of the fact that our children have access to and participate in a range of extra-curricular activities – sports, arts and crafts clubs, performance arts clubs, debating clubs and so on.

International Links

Karibu International School has ambitions and plans to introduce an international curriculum to complement and run alongside the local curriculum currently on offer. We are therefore keen to establish links with schools from other parts of the world.

Karibu International School is working towards giving pupils and teachers a new perspective on the world, and the skills they need to work in a global economy. We see a future in which KIS is not only partaking of the opportunities and benefits that come with twining with international partnerships but one in which we as a school are sharing our experiences and culture through collaborative work with others around the world.

With the links, we hope to foster good practice, share resources and develop new skills using the Internet with sister schools from all over the world. This cooperation will also create better awareness on both sides of the partnership.  This is going to be an opportunity for our teachers to collaborate with those from other countries.

The next step for us

We would like to make the right partnership and therefore in addition to the various paring systems/organisations available online. This is an invitation to any school/organisation interested in partnering with us. This is important in order for us at KIS to develop our school’s international dimension.

We are hoping for a well planned and sustained relationship with the school/s or organisations we partner with. This will mean that our partners and KIS can depend on each other to participate in different learning activities and share knowledge and resources.

As a school KIS is proud of its achievements however we strive to continue growing. The students and staff of KIS can learn from others as well as share what we have with the rest of the world.

Come let us build partnerships together.