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Nursery School

Our Preschool Provision

The school has a thriving nursery/perschool cohort run using the Montessori approach. Our emphasis is to encourage independence, freedom within limits and respect for the child’s natural, physical and social development.

Supervision and general welfare

Our multi-skilled teaching and support members of staff are always at hand to ensure that your child’s needs are met.

The classrooms have been designed to encourage our children to discover through play and working with materials rather than depending on direct instruction all the time.

We aim at providing a home away from home as nursery section we strive to create a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting, culture and religious activities to help our children to develop academically, culturally, physically and spiritually

Nursery Curriculum

At Karibu International School, we follow the national curriculum development center (NCDC) thematic curriculum which is delivered in English. We also feature to see that we empower young children with skills enough to ensure:

  1. Early break through to literacy.
  2. Mastery of numeracy skills.
  3. Empowerment in the use of life skills.
  4. Development of basic language skills for lifelong learning.

Requirements for Admission

  1. Original birth certificate
  2. Latest passport (where applicable)
  3. Valid baptism card (where applicable)
  4. Interview fee

 Application Forms

Application forms are picked and filled at school at a fee of 20000/-.You can as well download the application form from the website.

Applicants will be assessed to ensure appropriate class allocation. 


Nursery Teachers