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Our Curriculum


The school vision is – To Provide Holistic Education. The curriculum at KIS is hence designed to give the child a wholesome experience and lead to holistic development. The schools offer the Uganda National Curriculum:

  • Nursery/Kindergarten – montessori.
  • Primary 1 to Primary 3 – Thematic Curriculum.
  • Primary 4 – Transitional Curriculum.
  • Primary 5 to Primary 7 – Spiral Curriculum.


The school has a well-equipped library where learners can carry out personal research as guided by our capable teachers.

Extra-curricular activities

Learners have opportunities to participate in various extra-curricular activities which enables them to be physically fit and also builds their self-esteem and confidence. There are games and sports facilities and learners can do both indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor activities include board games like chess and outdoor activities include athletics, football, netball, volley ball, cricket and rugby.  

Music room

The school has a music room where learners are trained in various aspects of music, dance and drama. Pupils also have the opportunity to learn how to play both western instruments (keyboard) and traditional African instruments. While participating in extra-curricular activities the pupils of Karibu International School are in well trained and experienced hands.

Computer Classes

Computer classes offered from Primary 1 to Primary 7 in the well equipped computer


As part of the whole round education and in view of the current digital environment, a Robotics program has been started at the school with focus on encouraging children to going STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The Calculator controlled robots activities are designed to engage students in hands-on inquiry based missions. The pupils apply mathematics and science concepts to direct their robots through a variety of challenges. This is an area that the school plans to continue to develop so that we continue to be in step with the rest of the world in the belief that every child must code.


There’re Plans to introduce the British Curriculum.

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