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Our Partners


Karibu International School in proud partnership with Rhino Athletics Club administers a satellite primary school’s hub hosted/hubbed Karibu International School in Uganda. Karibu International School is one of the many hubs spread across Uganda that provide a safe space for school going children as well as out of school going children to develop and flourish.

 The satellite primary school model was borne out of the COVID pandemic where episodic education was put on hold for over two years in Uganda. The Satellite Primary School model is a sports plus model that employs sports as a tool for development.

 The Satellite Primary School Hub provides a safe space for children, those in school and out of school to come and engage in sporting activities as well as learn about life skills, coding and environmental conservation. The children have a unique opportunity to participate in sports and reap all the associated benefits of sports like better quality of life, cognitive development as well as social development.

The satellite schools program also embodies an elite pathway model  whereby, gifted athletes are tracked and nurtured by the best in class coaches. This enable young promising talent to be spotted at an early point in life so that excellence in sports in Uganda becomes the norm instead of it being an exception.

As earlier stated, the hub is a sports plus model that extends beyond sporting activities. At the moment, the man focus SDG13(combating the adverse effects of climate change) and SDG4(Provision of Quality Education).

SDG13-Children are being taught about the adverse effects of human activities on the climate and ways of combating climate change. Children participate in tree planting activities and waste collection. The children are participating in the leagues innovative and exciting competition called “Environmental Goals”. Environmental Goals is a competition where for every goal/score during the leagues,a tree will be planted. The hub with the most trees planted at the end of the leagues will receive a grand prize.

SDG4- A robotics program is hosted at Karibu International school with a main focus of encouraging girls to going STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).  The Calculator Controlled Robots activities are designed to engage students in hands-on inquiry-based missions.Students create programs in TI-BASIC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TI-BASIC) to run their robots. Missions are sequentially built upon the knowledge of previous activities. Step-by-step programming instructions are provided in the first missions, gradually leading students to create their own programs in later missions. Students use and apply mathematics and science concepts to direct their robots through a variety of challenges.

As an institution we are happy to continue developing relationships/partnerships with any other organisation/s that share common interests as ours here at Karibu International School. For details contact us using our contact form.