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Our Curriculum

A team of professional and multi-discipline teachers delivers our curriculum. All the teachers and support staff are qualified to meet the high standards of the school.

Lower Primary

At this level the curriculum is organised using a thematic approach. Themes are developed and content to be taught is organised in broad learning standards.

Upper Primary

At this level (P5 – P7) the curriculum is subject based, our teachers will cover the subjects listed below with your child.

Welcome to KIS

Karibu International School (KIS) is a private mixed boarding and day primary school located in Iganga district in Uganda. The school also has a thriving nursery/preschool cohort run using the Montessori model.

Our ethos is to educate and maintain discipline in our students’ necessary to create well-mannered young adults at the point when they leave ready for high school or college. This is never at the expense of the child’s sense of contentment.

As a school we believe that the calming culture of care, happiness, charged with curiosity and investigative drive contributes to the success of our children.  We offer our students essential ingredients necessary to develop into well-rounded wholesome individuals.

School Tour

Parents can arrange appointment for school tour

School Safety

Safety drills are carried out regularly to sensitize

Transport Service

All about how your children can get to school

News & Update

Oral health: A window to your overall health – Part II
Teeth Whitening

Oral health: A window to your overall health – Part II

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Located at Nabirye, 2 km from Nakalama Trading centre along Mbale-Tirinyi Road, Iganga District


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