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Student Welfare

Student Welfare Summary

  • Is based on one of our core values – EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

  • Enough play materials and facilities to ensure that children are happy and also have time for play and entertainment outside the usual class time.

  • Delicious meals offered and following a balanced diet to cater for the nutrition of all learners.
  • A sick bay managed by a school nurse to cater for the sick learners. We have an on-call doctor to support the nurse when necessary.  

  • Well trained staff capable of handling learners in emergency situations especially in the provision of first aid.

  • Teachers also provide guidance and counseling to the learners.

  • A professional counselor is available to cater for any needs learners might have in the area of guidance and counseling.

  • Learners are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities like sports so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Implementation of all measures aimed at promoting the children’s safety within the school. (Check School Safety)

  • We are always in contact with the parents in case a pupil’s situation requires a parent to immediately intervene.

Welfare and Catering services

The school has a kitchen with professional staff that understand the importance of healthy meals. All meals are served in the dining Hall where each child gets three meals per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. KIS strives to provide a balanced diet, which comprises of a range of hot meals, cold (options can be arranged with kitchen staff) and a helping of fruits.

There is also a well-stocked canteen with healthy options and creature comforts for our pupils. It also stocks some house keeping essentials in case boarders need to replenish personal supplies before the next scheduled visitation dates.


A qualified school nurse looks after the pupils and is always available should a medical emergency arise. She also offers advice on health and nutrition, as well as arranging for first hospital appointments and appointments if required.

Pupils with more complicated and serious medical conditions are referred to the nearby Iganga Health Centre II, which is just next-door. The other option we have is Iganga District Hospital, which is 5mins away from the school.

We have staff qualified to give first aid at work. They are known to all and are readily available.


The school has a boarding wing for our students who decide to stay at school. We have provision for two categories of boarders, Full-time and part-time boarders.

Full-time boarders stay with us for the whole term, while the part-time boarders are with us Monday to Friday. They go home for the weekend and return the following Monday. The part-time option may not suit everyone, for more information on this subject; speak to someone in admission for details. To contact us about this click here.

Boys and girls have separate boarding wings each with a resident matron who ensures that they a safe, happy and content.

Security and
Safety at KIS

As a school the overall safety and security of all students, staff and visitors is very important. We have put in place additional security measures, which we are not at liberty to put in the public domain. We will be more than happy to talk to you about this in detail when you visit us.