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Working in education is both stimulating and rewarding. Join our team and you will become part of a community, which is dedicated to success.

Here at Karibu International School nurturing the talents of our staff is just as important as fostering the skills of our students.

With a clear strategic direction, a strong focus on quality assurance and a commitment to equal opportunities have all been combined together to makes Karibu International School an inspiring place to work.

We a keen to recruit and retain talented people who can play a key role in the realisation of the school’s mission. We will value your ideas, develop your skills, treat you with respect and recognise your endeavors.

So if you have what it takes to inspire, motivate and mould young minds we want to hear from you. Do not be deterred if you find that we have not got any posts advertised.

The school is expanding, which means we shall soon have roles to fill. We encourage you to send us a copy of your CV with a supporting cover letter telling us why you are the best person for us. Click here


Karibu International School is a great place to start or build your career. We hope you will be proud to work for us.

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